Andhra Pradesh Private Security Association (APPSA)

Minutes of Monthly Mtg of APPSA on 27th Sep 2013 at Hotel Karan, Secunderabad

  1. APPSA monthly meeting was held at hotel Karan, Secunderabad on 27 Sep 2013 from 1730 onwards. Besides the attendance of the Executive committee and the overwhelming response of the APPSA members, the meeting was attended by a senior officer of the Central Labour Commissionerate who interacted with the members on various issues pertaining to the Central Labour laws in security industry.
  2. The meeting commenced with welcome address by the Secretary APPSA, Mr. DS Reddy who extended a warm welcome to the guest speaker present and thanked all the current and new members for honoring APPSA with their presence
  3. The following Agenda Points highlighted up by the Jt Secy APPSA were deliberated in the meeting and after due deliberation of the issue in its totality, the stance / course of actions emerged as mentioned below against each of the issue and the same was agreed upon by all the members present.

    • SKSDC, Training of Guards & Current Developments at National Level: Lt. Col (retd) K S Rao who interacted with the Chairman and other senior office bearers of SKSDC at Delhi briefed on the latest developments and policies related to mandatory training of Security Guards. The details pertaining to STAR Scheme of The Govt under which 1,50,000 Security Guards are required to be trained and up skilled by the SKSDC through various training partners across the country who are partnered and accredited with the SKSDC. The govt has set the above training target to be completed by 14 Aug 2014. APPSA members were advised to make use of the facility towards training their existing guards through the training grant being released by the Govt through SKSDC & their training partners.
    • Formation of a Committee for designing and release of an APPSA souvenir. The proposal to launch a souvenir during the annual summit of APPSA in Dec 2013 was explained to all the members and it was proposed to form a committee who would be taking care of the design, content and printing of the souvenir. A Committee was formed with the following Members of APPSA who volunteered to undertake the task of the souvenir.
      i) Mr. C Murali Madhavan, Jt Secy, APPSA
      ii) Col Xavier Pereira
      iii) Maj T Sadasiva Rao
      iv) Mr. K Mallikharjun Rao
      v) Mr. Amardeep Singh
      vi) Mr. Surya
    • Attendance for IISSM Seminar at Bangalore on 25th & 26th Nov 2013: The schedule of the IISSM was intimated and the importance and benefit of attending such international level training programme was explained to all the members. It was decided that maximum APPSA members should benefit by attending the programme in good strength.
    • Measures Against Over Exploitation by the Govt Officials: Problems faced by the members due to over exploitation by some of the staff from various govt departments was discussed and certain cases of the recent past that have been resolved by the APPSA were explained to the members. It was decided that, in future, any issues wherein the members are being over exploited May be brought to the notice of the association, and it was further decided that any applications being forwarded to the Govt departments for fresh licenses, may be routed through APPSA for better and prompt response from the Govt officials.
    • Role of CAPSI, Membership to CAPSI & Participation in Security & Leadership Summit at New Delhi on 14th & 15th Dec 2013: The members were informed about the forthcoming CAPSI program at Delhi and were informed that administrative support such as accommodation at Delhi will be undertaken within the army cantonment through the ex defense officers who are members of APPSA. Members are requested to give their confirmation during
    • Conduct of Annual Security Summit & Interactive meets of Security Professionals in the Last Week of Dec 2013: All members were briefed on the proposed annual summit mtg of APPSA in the last week of Dec 2013 with an aim of conducting it as a two day session wherein day one will be dedicated to the Get Together with Families & the second day will be dedicated for professional training oriented towards improvement of the business volumes and introducing of better practices in the Private Security Industry. The confirmed dates of the same will be finalized and will be announced during the monthly meeting scheduled on 25th Oct 2013
    • Role of the members towards Enhancing the Awareness about the activities of APPSA & introducing of new members to the Association meetings: All the members were advised about extending the benefits of APPSA to those private security agencies that are not aware of such gainful activities by the Association. Members are requested to introduce at least one new member during the monthly meeting scheduled in Oct and ensure that the size of the APPSA family enhances towards better effectiveness of our proposed developments in the Industry.