Alerts to the Security Agencies

1. Submission of Applications for obtaining License for running of Private Security Business :-

As per Andhra Pradesh Private Security Agency Regulation (APPSAR) Rules 2008, all the Private Security Agencies are required to obtain the compulsory license from the Govt of A.P for running of Security Business and accordingly all the Private Security Agencies are required to submit the applications to the Special Secretary to the Home Dept, in the prescribed format as given in the above rules of the state Govt.

Agencies who had not applied till date for the License from the Govt of A.P are advised to do so at the earliest and the office of APPSA may be contacted for any assistance in this regard.

2. Verification of Arms License In Respect of Armed Guards Employed by the Security Agencies :-

The number of private security agencies are growing day by day and while there are a few agencies that adhere to the norms, there are many fly-by-night operators who are not following the norms as laid out under various Acts, Rules and Statutory Regulations specified by the Govt.

"There are recent instances where Armed guards engaged by some of the Private Security Agencies have been found indulging in acts of indiscipline on the premises where they are hired and on scrutiny, their licenses were found to be Fake. This happens because the Agencies are not complying with the orders on verification of the Arms License with the records held by the Police Dept".

The Govt had taken a serious note of these incidents and the APPSA was advised to take suitable actions to avoid occurance of such incidents/ Violations by the Security Agencies. While APPSA is approaching the Govt on certain Issues such as Retainers License for the Security Agencies, The Agencies are advised to carryout a detailed scrutiny of the weapon licenses of all the Armed Guards employed through them and the details be submitted to the Police Dept for their verification.